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Freight, servicing and deliveries

Freight, servicing and deliveries

If receiving or making deliveries is a core part of your business, the challenge created by GC2018 may be greater and require more detailed planning from your end.

A number of temporary changes will be put in place in the lead up to, and during, the Games that will require freight operators to consider changing their routes, delivery times and drop-off locations.

Some of the challenges that freight operators will need to consider with their GC2018 travel planning:

  • road closures and diversions
  • loading zone changes
  • permit only accessible areas
  • restrictions on the movement of dangerous goods
  • mandatory legal requirements in place i.e. speed limit reductions
  • changes to the classification of vehicles permitted on certain routes.

As freight transport on the Gold Coast is almost 100% reliant on the road network, managing the movement of freight and deliveries will require specific attention.  These businesses are being asked to consider the following:

  • Work with suppliers and customers to pre-order or postpone non-urgent deliveries.
  • Combine journeys where possible.
  • Adjust delivery times to outside of peak hours, consider after hours deliveries.
  • Alter or postpone delivery days to outside of peak GC2018 travel days.
  • Consider altering operating hours to avoid peak times.
  • Plan ahead and take alternative routes to avoid.
  • Use alternative delivery locatons drop box services or neighbouring businesses.

To ensure you are prepared for the Games it is vital you start planning now and register for the Travel Advice for Business Program for help in developing a freight, servicing and deliveries Travel Action Plan.

Top tips to keep your freight business moving

  1. Join the Get Set for the Games Travel Advice for Business Program for access to free, practical advice and support to help you with your GC2018 travel planning.
  2. Attend a free Freight travel planning workshop to learn about the temporary changes to the transport network that will affect the way your business operates during the Games.
  3. Develop a Games Travel Action Plan to identify challenges and solutions for your business to implement.
  4. Work with your customers to re-time your deliveries to after hours or overnight.
  5. Re-route your travel to avoid potential congestion and changed traffic access.
  6. Reduce on-demand deliveries by encouraging your customers to pre-order or stockpile their goods.
  7. Plan ahead to ensure that you have the correct number of staff and vehicles to satisfy your customer demand.
  8. Work with your customers to arrange alternative or combined delivery locations.
  9. Test and communicate your plans with your staff, customers and suppliers. 


Download freight top tips flyer (pdf 3.9mb)


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